Jay Joslin wears many hats. He considers himself an eternal student of the mystery and wonder of being alive, and has undertaken studies of consciousness, comparative theology, systems theories and anything worth laughing about. Because, after all, most of it is. The Cosmos is certainly awesome and beautiful, but it is very much aware that creativity on such a scale is an exuberant absurdity that conscious entities will find a crazy proposition.

As a somewhat old fashioned romantic, I am drawn to Quixotic passions, and maintaining the drive for meaningfulness is vital to daily life. It's easy to be sedentary, complacent, and not to rock the boat- why live easy? Here's what jolts my pulse; uplifting the passion for our singular experience in being alive, in gaining knowledge (and losing it, as needed), to be awed, and living in accord with hard-won virtues. It matters greatly to be among those who also feel that what they do really matters, and yet have the humility to laugh (crassly) about it. I hang out at the curious junctions of Philosophy, Science, Spirituality, Service and Expression. I hope you're a fan of that place on the map as well. It takes some getting to, eh?

    Current Roles:
  • Developer & Director, Men's personalized small-scale addiction recovery and wellness program.
  • Minister of Ritual, Teaching and Counseling at Jubilee! Community, Asheville NC
  • Technology & Outreach Consultant, Women's Eating Disorder Program and Adolescent IOP.


Via the confluence of my innermost virtues and outward actions, I ascent to becoming myself, now and forever.

I assume this body, whose shape is formed by Mystery and whose presence necessitated by the Now.

I shall heed the call of the Cosmos by walking forward when it is easier to walk away.

In exaltation, I choose all of life- for then I reflect the Universe without the resistance of wanting.

This day and all days forward, may service be my mark, love be my guide and community be my homeland.