Quotes that have made the rounds over time.

"We mustn't ever strive to be masters of the Universe. That's impossible. Rather, we should strive to be aware that we are being mastered by the Universe. Look, it's already happening!"


"The key to the heart is freedom, and in freedom is gratitude for having love, having been loved, and having love to give again."


"I actually prefer being a fool to being a character. If it weren't for the fools who take the risks that stir wisdom, we wouldn't have the character to learn."


Presenting the question that answers itself: "I don't know why I've been so stupid." Efficient problem solving at work.


"When the arrow leaves the bow, it will always make bullseye if the string is drawn by virtue and it is released by an intention that has been questioned relentlessly with the answer always being 'yes.'"


"Rarely does one get drunk off a logic cocktail, but no one ever snaps out of it with an emotion smoothie."


"You can't stop time; you can only hop in, hotwire it, learn the controls, and joy ride through creation 'til you get caught."


"I was young once, and like the others victimized by the present moment- then I realized that Time is a process of refinement of wisdom, and not the enemy but the gentle friend. I took tea with Time, and while Time's meandering stories lost my attention in the moment, ultimately it was those narratives by which I set my watch and gladly surrendered myself to the world. What seemed to a young mind chastisement eventually evolved into a propulsion towards soulfulness that became a cascading joy in being with now in all its tribulations and ecstasies combined."


"When one change happens, everything else must change in kind. A wheel cannot move in part; any momentum inevitably causes the sum of the arc to turn. When people truly alter their course, this is what causes the greatest harrumph, the forsaken wish that only selective bits metamorphose. I've never seen a butterfly that was still part caterpillar- have you? Do you know how drastic transformation really is?"


"Hope springs eternal. Doubt springs a leak."


"Even in absurdity, sacrament. Even in hardship, holiness. Even in doubt, faith. Even in chaos, realization. Even in paradox, blessedness."


"I'm going out to hunt transitions today. You have to move quickly but silently, blend in but be audacious, know your target but be ready for something completely different, and come prepared but I can't say what with. If you find a transition, don't kill it. If you don't find one, you'll come back changed anyway."


"You can steal my thunder but it's the lightning that matters."


"We casually say that "stranger things have happened," whilst hopefully insulating ourselves against the strangest of stranger things. The flaw in this is the insulsation of ourselves against the stranger thing is the strangest thing of all."


"Surprise is the condition of surrendering your expectations; mediocrity is the condition of surrendering to your expectations."


"From the single point of light we call the sun, all around us is illuminated in color. We cherish the deep red of roses, the vibrant spring greens, and the violet of the evening sky. We cherish the color of our souls, lights we can only touch in the poetry of the heart. We cherish, too, the depth of night, that makes precious the faintest of illumination. It is by this light that we see, and in it's radiance we kindle our deepest flame of spirit. We hold it's clear brilliance for a moment then we pass it on. We cast the stars into the sky and lift our candle of hope to another morning- where the world is cradled again in the infinite potential to grow a little more, to love a little stronger, to care, to create and to do the work of awareness, whereever it takes us. Let us be warriors, artists, dancers- let us be in this light, let us dream. Come, be in the light, pass it, touch it. It brightens you. Then go, and be free in the night and in all your days- remember that the light is with you always- for it is not a flame or a sun; it is you."

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