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Below are embeds of two recent gallery showings, and then some videos I've made for different reasons. You can find some silly stuff on my YouTube channel.

A vast majority of my photos are on Flickr. I simultaneously update 500px via Lightbox.
Should you feel compelled to want to buy anything, this is my most recent pricing guide [PDF]. I will license images for media but require an email consent first. Fraudsters will be vaporized by my sky-jellyfish.


May 2014: Futures Remembered Now Exhibit (with FAB guest artist Vanessa Bell)

Artist statement: Time is a construct that has always governed us, yet baffled us. We live in a world broken into segments vaulted into a “past” or gambled as a “future,” yet it is with intention that one affixes themselves to the flowing liquid of now. Now is the only time we can touch, and in photography, now is the only time. This show celebrates the instant, and allows for play by taking the images to challenging iterations and dimensions, seen in the kaleidoscopic work. Those pieces come from a vulnerable process of reorganizing the moment, placing it in a hall of mirrors– an abstraction. The macros incite awe in the quanta of the Universe that forms us.

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January 2013: Evidence of Dreamtime exhibit

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December 2011's The Memory of Light Exhibit:


Now some viddy:


Requiem for Peace: 10th anniversary of 9/11


My Homage to Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot




Playing at the Andaman Sea to the music of Phillip Glass




Going into the Mystic in Belize with Van Morrison


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