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"One For the Nameless" is the long awaited and much ballyhooed 'next book.' It's almost done, and will be published in 2008, for sure. This is a new collection of fiction, meditations, poetry and visual art. It is sourced from works made between 2005-2007.


"Rainbow Over Crossroads; Pleasantly Stranded in the Infinite" is a collection of essays and poems on nature, spirit and the continuous flux of Spirit. It's available worldwide now via any online book retailer or by ordering from your own local bookstore. This book encompasses pieces written between spring 2003 through summer 2004, including meditations written while working in Haitian orphanages, haiku from the dance floor, and cosmic tomfoolery received from chipmunks and wizened wonders from our collective wanders. I came to know a whole new style of writing as the collection was in progress, so riding it out was a daring and harrowing mission to unearth what the character of the very last page would be. I'm happily surprised and proud to offer a book that I feel speaks both to the crisis and blessing of our current, urgent time to be alive. Ordering: receive a 14% discount off the cover price when ordering direct though my distributor, Lulu. Also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Booksense


"Digging the Immaterial; Yet Another Human Pondering the Universe and what it means to be Alive and Well within It" was my first book, published   in spring 2003 by IUniverse. A collection of reality-bending short stories, poetry covering the ecstatic to the erotic, and strange word wonders that just happened out of nowhere, "Digging" was an immense joy to create and to pass along to those I love and total strangers alike.  Writing and transcribing up against a tight deadline, this book is not perfect; there's typos and grammatical whoopsies, but we're all somewhat roughshod as we smooth our way through a wild and unpredictable Universe. It's available worldwide via any online book retailer (Amazon link) or by ordering from your own local bookstore.