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Under the wing of many wise mentors, I've worked hard to become an empty jug for the Universe,

Community and Spirit to fill with fantastic dreams, stumbling, as we all do. My faith practice has

evolved from a great variety of the world traditions: early Christianity, Sufism, Shamanism, Buddhism,

Taoism, and emerging paradigms like Quantum Physics, Radical Ecology, and the

Human Potential Movement. I believe the mystical state easily unites us with that

Ultimate Form we call many names, and ritual helps us to discover that there is no

boundary between us and That, except our own rigidities. I believe that all these

means of achieving union, all these modalities of understanding the Infinite are here

for a reason we often overlook in our debates and limiting diatribes; to help us become a living,

loving realization of being at one, all one, in the Big Wide Universe. This, of course, is tempered by what used to be called human nature, or our some kind of instinctual drive to dominate and divide. I believe in a deeper instinct and a more beautiful and challenging blossoming of natures. Heck, it just makes

living in the world a tad more useful and empowering.


A passion of mine is to open the space for rituals which are integrative with your genuine being and your most vivid calling. I also act in other ministerial functions, such as facilitating weddings, blessings, baptisms, ceremonies, sermons, and memorials, based (again) on your own needs and spiritual truths. No one knows your path better than yourself, and I use these services to help you remember your Destiny and create the holy interconnections you deeply envision.

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