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Thank you for your interest in me, of all people.


Contact me for my résumé , which is specifically geared toward human services work.

I am interested in evolving my counseling skills, doing 'theater therapy,' and developing

emotional management modules for youth and their families. Tell me, of course,

who you are and why on Earth you'd like to see it.

→CAVEAT: my résumé is strictly for purposes other than employment; I am very happy

at Appalachian Counseling, so you could perhaps use it to stalk me, or something

entertaining like that.


I am also qualified in graphic design, IT, and mass communications... I've done radio broadcasting, professional voiceover (IMDB), and more than enough on the internet. I know, I could really flesh out my CV here, but goodness if you're that interested you can do your own digging. Or just say hello.