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This website serves as a portal to works, services, and other internet sites provided by me,  jay joslin.

With so many projects brewing I find it interesting to see what I've apparently been up to,

much like that cat on the verge of catching its tail after all these years. This site is just an

attempt at organizing all this stuff if one fine place. Thanks for popping by.


I'm an actor, author, designer, and unashamedly itinerant and somewhat iconoclastic

minister residing in Asheville, North Carolina. I work in the mental health sector,

providing support and therapeutic services to at-risk youth and their families. I am the

director of the DreamBuilders program, which seeks to find creative and powerful means

in helping kids achieve transformation. Presently, I am on the road to receive a Master's in Counseling.


I love people and find as many creative ways as I can to be useful to the Universe. Life is too short to piddle, and not long enough for "cosmic lollygagging." Please feel free to contact me for more information, and do something wonderful for yourself and the planet while you're at it.