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Mountain Moon Consulting is the wacky if somewhat windblown umbrella under which I bunch

my many services under. I seek to offer two different (yet intertwined) streams of service

to the communities of Western North Carolina.


The first of these draws from my 10+ years of experience in the human services field,

with a focus on building wellness in families and strength in the children that are to

follow in our occasionally regressive but well-intentioned footsteps. I teach parenting

skills from a variety of perspectives, and am certified in a number of established

curricula. My most requested course is MAPP-GPS (Model Approach to Partnership in

Parenting, Group Preparation and Selection), which is the 30 prerequisite class for prospective foster and pre-adoptive parents.

I also teach a number of classes geared toward identifying and transforming behaviors which create vicious and perspective

warping cycles in the home. What is so often overlooked in the drive to "correct" these behaviors is that it really does take two

(sometimes more) to tango. Sometimes we just need to re-learn the dance.


I also enjoy pastoral counseling, life coaching, and conflict resolution. Contact me if you'd like me to elaborate on any of the above.