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I've been designing websites since the first internet connection came my way way back in '96. I'm self taught, and am fairly proficient in CGI, DHTML, Java and CSS. I design sites to be simple, visually appealing and cross-platform. I also perform database maintenance, software and hardware maintenance, network troubleshooting, and site propagation.

Bird on the Moon Studios has created successful sites for artists, musicians, non-profits and small businesses for very inexpensive rates or bartering. I charge less than professional designers because I learn as I go, and it's not my day job. For me, it's fun and challenging, and for the customer, rewarding and exciting to see their content on the Internet.

Once it's up there, customers may choose to learn more about site design and maintenance, and I'm happy to teach. The more we learn, the more empowered we are to grasp this strange medium and make it work for us.

I especially enjoy creating original graphic art. I use high-end imaging software and a wild imagination to make your project reflect as closely as possible the ideas and concepts waiting inside your head. I gladly write copy as well, but it helps to have a firm idea of what you want to say and to whom your site is speaking.

The internet need not be a sterile experience, and websites need not rely on hackneyed visual clichés to draw in your target audience. Let's infuse it with unique, inspiring and useful content, and make it the dynamic, communicative medium it was intended to be.

Please contact me for more information.